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Temporary hiatus

excerpt thumbThe last month I've been in the throes of a cross country move to Minnesota, and have put the blog on a hiatus. I'll start putting putting up new photoessays in about two weeks, when, god willing, I have my furniture and my real computer (3 year old laptop without enter key: not fun). I might start off with a post comparing Minnesota to California. In the meantime, comment spammers have been hitting me with upwards of 400 poker-related comments a day. I've been killing them and banning IPs best I can, but until I have more time to tinker with movable type the best I can do is require approval of comments. This means your comment may not appear for 24-48 hours, but it will eventually and be fully appreciated in this lonely outpost of the blogosphere. That is, all will appear except for my fellow blogger who left a nice comment recently asking what I'm up to...I accidentally deleted his comment in the Great Anti-Poker Comment Offensive of 2005. Apparently I have no way to get it back. I guess we would call that "collateral damage". When I return this blog will be updated a little to reflect my new location (north of Minneapolis) and the focus will be photoessays about California and Minnesota, as well as the spectacular drive east we just finished last week. One word: Pronghorns.

Update: comments are temporarily turned off to thwart the poker-spammer-beasts that have been plaguing it. I will be upgrading to the latest version of Movable Type (my blogging software) and it contains an electrocution device for spam commenters. I look … Continue reading Continue reading