Welcome to Northern Word

Welcome to Northern Word, my home on the web. Here you’ll find my nature and travel photography, thoughts on writing, travelogues, and a growing collection of photographic writing prompts.  – Susan McNerney

Full color travelogues of the Black Hills, Italy, the Caribbean, and more. Plenty of insights and links to help you plan your next trip – or just experience one of mine from the comfort of your home.

Rome, St. Martin, and the Grand Canyon - all places from Susan's travelogues here at Northern Word.

Visual Writing Prompts
This growing collection of writing prompts uses my extensive collection of travel and nature photography as a way to get your creative juices flowing.

Sedona, AZ; Lake Phalen Park - St. Paul, MN; and a bear in Northern Minnesota

Nature Photography
Sometimes I stumble upon a landscape that I can’t forget. Here’s a growing collection of some of my favorite natural sites in the United States and abroad.

Notch Canyon in Badlands National Park, SD and fall color near Orono, MN